I have landed—in China

Jerry Coyne in China…

Why Evolution Is True

I’m in Dongguan, China, a very large industrial city (8 million, larger than all the areas of Hong Kong put together), which, like most Chinese cities, is growing rapidly, has construction everywhere, and is beset by smog. On the good side, I’ve learned a lot about modern China in only one day from expats who live here, I have lovely hosts taking good care of me, and have had two awesome meals (photos later).

Today I tour the rural areas, where I’m told I’ll get to see a slice of the slow-paced rural China that is, by government policy, rapidly disappearing. This afternoon I’ll lecture to the students at the local international school on religion and “ways of knowing” (the first time I’ve ever talked on the latter subject).

Here’s where I am, a short distance from Hong Kong:


After that it’s back to Hong Kong (about 2 hours from…

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